Monday, 20 June 2016


April 2014

I bought my first Lucid Eye Neanderthals at Salute in 2014.  They are some of the heaviest 28mm figures I have ever owned and the leader (available separately) is a strapping 34mm tall.  I based and undercoated them as soon as I got them home. 

May 2014

At the time I was concentrating on Alamo period Mexicans but they did get some initial paint on them by the first week in May.

May 2015

After this promising start nothing very much happened.  They sat on the paint table for a year and then at Salute 2015 I bought the second pack of Neanderthals which are really Neanderthals in cold weather clothing.  I based and undercoated these and the Cro Magnon leader,

September 2016

I had finished the skin on the first four figures but stopped as I was having trouble doing their eyes.  In September 2015 I started work on them again and also got some paint onto the final three figures.

March 2016

Things slowed down again but by early March 2016 the first four were nearly finished and I was getting on with the last three.

March 2016

I completed the first four in mid March and posed them in front of my Lost World backdrop.  You can read my post on them here and discover the ins and outs of Neanderthal.human/sex too.

May 2016

My focus could now switch to the last three figures and, just after a year after I bought them they started to come together and passed that tipping point I reach when I know that it is all downhill to finishing them.

I finished them on 24th May and they make a very nice raiding party.  Somewhere I have another pack of the first three Neanderthals and I am hoping to arm them with some different weapons which I got from Baueda.  All I have to do is find them!  Next I need to acquire the Cro Magnons! 

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