Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Mini-Prehistoric project: 1 Cavegirls and cavemen

A few days ago I was putting my painted Neanderthals away in one of my completed figures file boxes (they are resident in the Bronze Age box at present as I don't have a prehistoric one yet) and I found these five cavegirls.  These are Copplestone Castings figures, except the one on the right who is a slightly converted Founrdy Valkyrie. 

 Copplestone only do four cavegirl poses (Why? I would buy as many as he can sculpt!) so, back in 2010, I slightly converted the Valkyrie, added some longer hair to one of the others and bent some of the arms of the rest to add a bit of variety.  This was my first, very tentative use of Greenstuff.  Anyway, they sat in the box for five and a half years ignored and unloved (rather like this blog).

Feeling sorry for the ladies, when I put my Neanderthals away I got them out and undercoated them earlier this month. I realised they would need some weapons and soon discovered that Baueda do some Stone Age weapons.  I ordered the axes and clubs rather than the rather tree trunk like spears.  They arrived pretty quickly so I was able to arm the cavegirls and start putting some paint on them.

Actually, I discovered that I had some Copplestone weapons left over (they used to include slightly more weapons than figures in the packs) but I will need to use a couple of them for two of the three cavemen which I also found in the box and added to the workbench.

Yesterday, I put some more paint on these and hope to get some more done on them this week.  I am going to take this on as a mini project and see if I can get them finished before a probable two week business trip next month.  I have just realised, while looking at the Copplestone Castings page, that there is a set of these figures I don't have - cavemen characters.  So I have just bunged off an order to North Star.  Of course this will now give me 12 not eight figures to paint!

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