Monday, 9 June 2014

Ice Age mammals - A wasted opportunity...


As I carry on working on my Lucid Eye Neanderthals I have been thinking about some appropriate Ice Age period creatures to go with them.  I have already painted a Reaper Smilodon but would really like some more mammals.  I'm more thinking about a Lost World scenario than anything (pre) historic.

The key animal, of course would be the woolly mammoth but no-one makes a good one scaled for 28mm figures.  There is a new kickstarter for Ice-Age mammals but unfortunately the models are horrible Disneyfied caricatures deigned for a fantasy game called Doggerland.  What a shame.  If they had been accurate I would have bought them all!

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Quick comparison: Copplestone Castings cavemen and Lucid Eye Miniatures Neanderthals

I started work on my Lucid Eye Neanderthals (part painted figures above) today.  As you can see they are a bit bigger than the Copplestone cavemen (painted figures above).

The leader, in particular is a massive figure; 33mm foot to eye. Interestingly the two Copplestone figures are also slightly different sizes with the red head a bit larger so that he matches the smaller Lucid Eye figure.

The key thing is that the styles, head sizes and weapon size are a very similar.  I would (will) happily mix them together and I am very fussy about non-matching sized figures.