Thursday, 16 December 2010

More Copplestone cavegirls and some conversions

I bought another pack of Copplestone Cavegirls as a Christmas present to myself and bent their arms and legs a bit to make them look a little different from the ones I have already painted.

Then I went mad and gave one longer hair using greenstuff which I have just started to use for the first time.

I then took a Foundry Valkyrie (a nice figure by Mark Sims-but useless for gaming) and worked on her a bit more to make her more cavegirl like. I'm just hoping my painting can disguise my horrible sculpting. We will see as I am going to put up a stage by stage set of pictures up. Next, I might get some of the Foundry nymphs as they have some nice naked warriors who I might be able to cavegirlise!

1 comment:

  1. Good work with the greenstuff! This blog captures what wargaming should be about! Nothing too serious.