Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Copplestone Caveman range

Here is their complete range. It's small but I like them better than any other manufacturers. These are very much based on the look of One Million Years BC's cavepeople. For games like Prehistoric Settlement it would be nice to have some more civilian types.

Cavewomen C25

Cavemen C26

More Cavemen C29

Cavemen characters C47

Giant Flightless Bird K24


  1. I have the cavegirls and the C29 cavemen. I bought them to use on figure from each for some HOTT armies (the cavegirl is a God in one of my Hawaiian armies and the caveman is undergoing conversion to a ... boat). The rest of the figures in each pack have been converted to gladiators. As such they're about as historical as the cavegirls/men they are based on, but they look good.