Saturday, 8 January 2011

Cavegirls by Reaper Miniatures

Reaper Miniatures have recently brought out a couple of cavegirl models. They aren't exactly up to Copplestone standards but the one on the right is quite Raquel-like and might be worth getting if I see them. The one on the left looks like it was done by a different sculptor and has rather fat legs! They sell Reaper Miniatures in Orc's Nest so they might get them, I suppose. They are usually a bit bigger than 28mm but the Copplestone figures are quite large so it shouldn't matter too much.


  1. An interesting niche subject...I look forward to more posts

  2. Bonjour,
    [not a spam this one :) ]
    fortunately discovered your blog while 'surfing' on the Web from the blogger profile of someone having posted a comment on a blog I follow. I do such 'exploration' in the hope of discovering new interesting blogs, and here I was not disappointed!

    What opponents do you plan to use? An 'intra-sex' war between two different tribes of 'Amazons in fur bikini', 'Aryiki' fashion? Some kind of Lizardmen, but flightless? Explorers from the surface, but from what period (for me I favor 'tricornes', and such are also worn by most movies -and wargaming- 'pirates')?

    Two manufacturers specialized in feminine minis offer 'cavegirls' -though perhpas slightly more 'technologically advanced' than the typical 'beauty in fur bikini' of movies: re. Shadowforge 'Tribals' and, perhaps even more original, Maidenhead 'Babes that Time Forgot'.

    Btw the blog 'Cavegirls in fur bikini' is devoted to such heroines in movies.

    Keep carrying on your enjoyable work and superb painting!
    Best regards,

  3. PS: I favor playing wargames with 'IImagi-Nations' since I was 'hooked' to the hobby by Charles Grant's 'The War Game' set in imaginary 18th C. countries. But my other favorite era is Ancients / Medievals, again with a preference for fictional settings such as Conan's 'Hyborian times'; and I have a very generous conception of 'Ancients', specially when implying feminine minis [in my time I built an 'Amazons' army, most of the 'regulars' from the Minifigs 'Aureola Rococo' range - those were the days :) !]. So I'll follow your project with great interest!

  4. Thanks for your comments!

    Originally I got my cavegirls (and cavemen)to play Steve Barber's Prehistoric Settlement rules (his figures are horrible). I also envisage them in a Lost World scenario but set in the early twentieth century. Cavegirl v cavegirl is a definite possibility probably following the One Million Years BC idea of tribes with different hair colour. My final thought is that I have some of Foundry's Elf Nymphs and that might work: probably using a modified version of Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings rules.

    I've looked at the Maidenhead figures but they are variable in quality (I am very fussy about anatomy).

    I am currently painting some of the new Copplestone 15mm fanatsy figures which are very Hyborian. You can see them on my main wargames blog here:

    Finally, Cavegirls in Fur Bikinis is my blog too, under a different identity. I took the wargames elements out of it a year or so ago and set this blog up instead.

    I think I have been inspired by your comment to dig out some more figures and paint them up!